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The Buzzing Hive of Bioscience

Connecticut is a nucleus of innovation — and one of the nation’s fastest-growing hubs in bioscience. With over 17,000 bioscience workers employed across 500+ companies, you can get in on the ground floor of some of the most groundbreaking research in medicine and some of the latest advancements in medical technology. 


This collaborative ecosystem of companies is fueled by the strong public/private R&D partnerships across Connecticut’s universities, bioscience companies, venture capital investors, state government, and helpful organizations like BioCT, CTNext, and AdvanceCT. Here are a few residents making waves in the bioscience scene. 


We are focused on FemTech — changing how a device is used, how it fits into a women’s busy life, and how the device is obtained through direct-to-consumer channels.


We want to ensure each cancer patient gets the most efficient treatment from the very beginning.


We’re working to provide an elegant solution to the challenges that electrode-based devices and gene therapies are facing.


Our vision is to accelerate the use of genomics and leverage large-scale clinical data to enhance the standard of care through extensive precision medicine solutions.

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